* in English as well

You are looking for success? And therefore you need the mental and emotional basics?

The German slogan „Erfolg als Folge“ is a pun and means „Success as a result“ – of work, which we will do together.

The English language is the vehicle for this. It´s not necessary to handle it perfectly, neither you, nor me.

It´s just the tool to explore your feelings and thoughts, your listenings and watchings. Your body and mind.

I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA in English. And you might feel much more comfortable speaking in English than in German.

The problem because of which you are contacting me is more or less a little disturbance which needs to be removed again.

In a selective manner, I will ask you to figure out what your personal goal is. Your unconscious thoughts and feelings will become aware so we can start to work with them.

Our body memorizes all bad and good experiences we have had in our lifetime.

This is a kind of imprint. Everything is programmed and usually we don´t know about it.

Bad programmings we will feed with resources, and good programmings we will make stronger. This technique changes a lot, and only within a few sessions.

Even a traumatic experience might loose its scare.

I am a pianist and after decades of performing concerts, teaching students and joining international music competitions as a juror, I decided to study NLP.

I wanted to know why human beings of quite comparable talents are getting ahead in different ways. Why does someone seem to accomplish everything already at a very young age while another person lives in the shadow of society, success and luck?

The answer is in fact, that it is possible for everybody to LEARN how to be successful.

But how? There are tools you should know about and how to use them. Whether as conscious knowledge or unconscious wisdom: It´s available for everybody.

When I came to this realization, I decided to work as a coach.

You have the opportunity to acquire these skills exclusively and uniquely.

It will fit perfectly to you and your personality and it will make your life successful and happy.

Looking forward to seeing you and working with you!


Friederike Haufe